Lack of council facilities leave tourists angry on Ayrshire’s beaches

April 21, 2011 by  

Tourists visiting Ayrshire’s beaches during recent sunny spells have expressed their anger at the lack of public facilities on offer from the council.

The sunshine and warm days that have been around for the last week or so have seen tourists and locals flock to the beaches of Ayrshire. However, visitors were disappointed to find that the council were not prepared for the onslaught of people arriving at the coast. Beaches had not been cleaned up, toilet facilities were out of order and rubbish was left lying around.

The main gripe that the public had with the lack of public facilities on offer at the Ayrshire coast was the fact that the council had not communicated what was to be done about this. There were no posters advertising that beach clean-ups would soon take place, nor were there any information leaflets available about alternative facilities when the women’s toilets were closed completely. A simple communication exercise using services such as poster printing could have helped Ayr authorities to avoid this issue. A businessman from the Ayrshire area told the Ayrshire Post Newspaper:

“I saw ladies having to use the gents’ toilet and the amount of rubbish lying around was a disgrace”

The council have since apologised, saying that the quality of the facilities on offer was not of the standard that they expect to provide. Ayrshire council could have easily avoided having to make an apology and could have put visitors’ minds at rest by letting them know about planned clean-ups by using poster printing.

Businesses in Ayr benefit from tourists visiting the area so anything that drives visitors away will have a negative impact on the region.