Football fans want to fly the flag for Ayr again

October 26, 2010 by  

Businesses offering banner printing in Ayr are awaiting the call from devastated Ayr United football fans after a branch of supporters from the Aberdeen supporters club lost a trusty flag that had become their good luck charm at Ayr United football matches.

Their banner had travelled far and wide with the supporters over the last 15 years and become a regular fixture at games, and part of the club itself. A member of the Aberdeen supporters club explained how they liked to take the flag to games around Scotland as well as the banner making an appearance at supporters’ weddings. The Aberdeen supporters club are a particularly dedicated group of supporters of Ayr United with not only match attendance but fundraising efforts in behalf of the football club. The supporters’ club trusty banner recently made an appearance at a recent cheque donation their club made to the Ayr Youth Academy following fundraising efforts.

However, the banner has now gone missing following a recent match fixture at Livingston. Club supporters claimed the flag was left on a train back from the game at Livingston and have appealed to the public for its return after the supporter, Dave Smith, who bought the flag over a decade ago, was said to be ‘devastated’ at it going missing. Feeling the loss, the supporters have stumped up £200 to order the printing of a new banner to carry on the tradition but have not given up hope of seeing their lucky flag again.