Flyer printing could reduce Ayr College’s parking problems

January 25, 2011 by  

Ayr College is facing a serious dispute with residents living near to the academic institute due to disagreements over parking. The college has closed one of its main car parks, leading to students parking their vehicles on local residential streets in lieu of anywhere official to park. Local residents have complained to the college and to the council on the ground that the roads are congested, residents have nowhere to park and the fact that extra traffic could pose dangers to local children.

Ayr College is looking for ways to combat the latest parking problems as many students have no option but to commute from rural areas. Duncan Baird is the director of estates and the college and he insists that Ayr College is working with both local residents and students to raise awareness of the situation and come to a possible solution, starting by looking into producing informative reading material to help educate students and residents about the issues using flyer printing. Ayr College is attended by over 7,000 students and this poses a great threat to the traffic situation around the college, but by raising awareness about the situation through leaflets or brochure printing, Ayr College can help restore the balance of harmony with local residents. Local printing companies in Ayr are used to helping out with public awareness schemes using services like flyer printing, so Ayr College could look to use one of these to ensure their awareness campaign runs as smoothly as possible to help find a solution to the parking problem.