Charity urges Scots to recycle

September 25, 2010 by  

Homes in Ayr are being encouraged to recycle more as part of a scheme from Keep Scotland Beautiful. Being ‘green’ and recycling have been hot topics for the past couple of years as more and more people are becoming environmentally aware but the charity, Keep Scotland Beautiful, wants homes to be even more vigilant when it comes to dealing with their waste. In addition to separating tins, bottles and papers, Keep Scotland Beautiful are urging Ayrshire homes to stop and consider when they look to throw items such as mobile phones and printer cartridges away. The charity has become a beneficiary of the organisation Recycle4charity, which means that Ayrshire homes that look to recycle their mobile phones or items such as printer cartridges through the organisation will ultimately contribute to the Keep Scotland Beautiful cause and help keep the country looking at its best.

Printing companies and flyer printing businesses in Ayr will be doing their part to help as the organisation will be sending out posters to people who want to promote the scheme around the area. The charity wants to encourage community groups to get involved and will send out posters and email templates in order to help the groups promote their efforts to potential contributors. Individuals can get involved by completing an online form and sending it back to Recycle4charity, and they will distribute boxes and bags for recycling for locals to return their recyclable items to them. Proceeds from this scheme with recycle4charity will be passed on to Keep Scotland Beautiful.