Campaigner rails against Ayrshire Council at public meeting

November 19, 2010 by  

After the distribution of numerous leaflets produced by Print company in print companies in Ayr printing services print companies in Ayr by South Ayrshire council, it seems that residents have come to the end of their tether with councillors as they seek the public’s advice on the impending public spending cuts.

The council for South Ayrshire are facing making millions of pounds worth of cuts to spending in the region and met with the residents in Troon to allow people in the area to air their views over where the cuts would be made and make their case for their concerns. The meeting sparked a lot of debate and residents expressed their disgruntlement at some of the ways that the council spend their budget. A campaigner from the Poverty Alliance, Maureen Drennan expressed disgust at the amount of the budget spent on the council’s wages and claimed that people are “sick of the leaflets and sick of the lies” as the council’s spending on topics such as the number of council buildings and waste management came under scrutiny.

It is believed that the South Ayrshire council will be faced with a budget cut of nearly £30 million and the recent meeting discussed wide and varied topics of concern such as working hours of council staff, the council’s admin processes and issues of public concern such as vandalism in schools and sanitation. The meeting took the form of a debate with council staff members introducing topics in order to gather the opinions of residents who came to the meeting to contribute so as to help the council prioritise the public services.