Ayrshire petition for safer roads

October 26, 2011 by  

A petition is being presented to South Ayrshire Council after residents collected over 100 signatures protesting against speeding vehicles in Longhill Avenue.

Bill Templeton is a resident of the area who is one of the people who have signed the petition. He told The Ayrshire Post:

“The volume of traffic is now disproportionate for the road and it’s getting to the stage where it’s dangerous. We’ve had a lot of incidents with cars in bushes and hedges and we don’t want it getting any worse than that.”

The petition has been collated to persuade the local council to introduce traffic calming measures. A similar initiative in South Kirby in Yorkshire has seen local students working together with the neighbourhood police team to tackle dangerous driving by heavy goods vehicles. The neighbourhood police team recently stopped several vehicles to carry out safety checks and the students handed out flyers to drivers which pointed out the risks they were causing. The campaign has been another successful example of how a campaign can have more impact with the use of flyer printing.

Ayr residents are hoping that their own campaign will be taken seriously and that traffic calming measures such as vehicle-activated speed trackers will be introduced to help combat the problem soon. A person speaking on behalf of South Ayrshire Council stated:

“We are always keen to work with local communities and look forward to receiving input from local residents to the design of the developer funded traffic calming measures that will be installed.”