Ayrshire organisations in adult protection TV campaign

March 28, 2012 by  

Ayrshire care organisations have joined up with a number of other care groups and councils from across Scotland to help raise awareness of adult protection issues.

Several Scottish organisations have joined forces to help raise awareness of the fact that adults often need care and protection too, particularly those in vulnerable situations. East Ayrshire Adult Protection Committee has played an instrumental part in helping to pull the campaign together, which runs across a number of channels and includes a TV campaign and advice leaflets that have been produced using flyer printing.

Ayr and other regions in Scotland are working together to put a stop to the abuse of vulnerable adults throughout the country. This abuse could be physical, metal or financial and the TV campaign and leaflet aims to bring these issues into the public domain and give people advice on how to report and stop this abuse if they notice it or feel someone may be at risk.

Leaflets and flyers are crucial in campaigns like this. TV ads are an ideal method for grabbing attention but a flyer is where essential contact information and advice can be collated and due to the size and portability of flyers, these can be stored somewhere safe in case someone needs to refer to them in future.

170 adults were in need of care or attention to protect them from harm in the Ayrshire region last year and this campaign aims to make sure these people get the care and protection they need.