Ayr Independent Shops to Inspire You

March 31, 2010 by  

A group of local independent shops in Ayr (led by Christopher Woodland of Bella Home & Gifts and Jeff Whittle of Minuteman Press Printing) have banded together to promote independent shops in the town centre.

A leaflet has been produced and is designed to promote local shopping, as Ayr town centre has a vast selection of boutique, specialist and general shops to cater for all tastes.  Coupled with this, 13 of the 16 shops are offering at least 10% discount off their prices (until the end of May), on presentation of the leaflet.  You can keep the leaflet and present it more than once, to benefit from the discount multiple times.  Details about the individual shops are shown on the inside of the leaflet and the location of each shop is highlighted on a handy map of Ayr town centre.

There’s no need to go to the out of town retail parks.  Ayr town centre has all the shops you’d need AND in close proximity to each other.  You also benefit from the warm and friendly welcome from the proprietors who actually own and run their shops.

The initial distribution of leaflets will be in Alloway and Doonfoot or pop into any one of the 16 shops listed below to pick up a free leaflet.

Selected other locations will also have the leaflet on display.

Enjoy shopping in Ayr town centre and we hope to see you soon!