6 great ways to boost your creativity at work.

March 16, 2018 by  

Never a truer saying than from Albert Einstein himself “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Creativity isn’t just for artists and designers after all…. Whatever your job role, bringing a little ‘out of the box’ thinking is sure to add value to your business acumen. But let’s face it, it happens to us all from time to time… we’re at work and the creative juices refuse to flow despite everything you are trying. Here are six great ways to boost your creativity:

Find inspiration

There’s no better way to start than to find yourself a muse. Be it art, music, quotes, whatever you can find to give you that creative brain wave. Why not start by copying someone else’s style? As long as it’s not blatant plagiarism it’s quite common to use other people’s work as a starting point to find your own way.

Use social media

On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest? Social media is a great platform to find and connect with other creative people. Get involved in group discussions, comment on your favourite photos, anything to get a creative dialogue started that might jolt your own creative juices.

Look after yourself

When we are physically active the body releases endorphins which make you feel good. It’s much easier to have your mind free and clear when you are in a positive and free thinking mood. When you feel your best, you perform your best. Make sure you also get adequate rest and eat healthy foods too.

Practice makes perfect

When you first start a project your end result is rarely your desired result. This is absolutely normal. Creating something from scratch is often a lengthy process which mostly consists of trial and error.

Stop and think

We all need a little down time and certainly even 10/15 minutes a day of quiet thinking is beneficial not only for our mental health but should help you feel rebooted to get that creativity kicking in.

Start small

Perhaps you want to completely rebrand your company, or maybe you are gearing up to exhibit at the next big show… Although it’s great to have the end goal in mind and look at the bigger picture, it can often be extremely daunting and leave you feeling like you don’t know where to start. Try setting yourself some smaller targets and then tick them off your list so you feel like you have achieved something every day.

Eight ways to repurpose your old Business Cards

March 8, 2018 by  

As an entrepreneur/business person you acquire new business cards with each new professional role you take on, therefore the expected shelf life for a lot of business cards is a couple of years. By then, you’ve probably given out many and have another 150 sitting in a cardboard box or just lying around at the bottom of your desk drawer, that’s a lot of paper going to waste.  There are however many alternative ways to use old business cards, here are just some:

  1. Use as a Bookmark
  2. Repurpose and use as gift tags
  3. The thicker card used to produce our business cards work perfectly as labels for files and folders
  4. Use as Moving box labels or Luggage tags
  5. Use the reverse side of a single sided business card as a place card
  6. Keep some business cards in your bag with crayons, for small projects to keep children entertained…….for a little while anyway
  7. Use as Hamster cage filler

You can compost the business cards or cut them down and use as plant markers

The most popular promotional products

February 13, 2018 by  

Whenever surveys are done on the most common, the most popular, and the most widespread promotional products, certain categories always feature at the top of the list. These are classic items that work – and for good reason. These items are all common, durable and have a good shelf-life, meaning you can expect an excellent return on interest. When deciding to promote your brand, these are some of the best products to use:


Arguably the king of promotional products is any kind of wearables. So many articles of clothing bear logos, slogans or branding, so why not yours? They can be on the expensive side for a promotional item, but their visibility will be far bigger than items that tend to stay put. The quality of the items is paramount though – your branding must be able to withstand multiple washes and the weather, so saving money with cheap printed designs will cost you in item shelf-life in the long run.


Similar to clothing, people value bags because they are functional and useful. They are also carried around by the owner, broadcasting your branding everywhere they go, but they have the added advantage of being generally unisex items. The greater awareness of ecological issues means more and more people and shunning disposable bags and reusable ones are really coming into their own. Drawstring bags, laptop cases, food bags and tote bags are all very popular choices for branding.


The longevity of mugs and glasses makes them hugely attractive as a promotional product: a mug will be used an enormous number of times. People get attached to their favorite mug and novelty ones are commonly given as gifts, which all adds to the life of the product. This is also another sort of item which benefits from the rise in global concern, as reusable sports water bottles and even coffee cups are slowly replacing disposable ones.

Writing instruments

There are several reasons why pens and other writing instruments are among the most popular promotional items. Firstly, they are, of course, highly functional, and many people have several scattered around the home, workplace, their handbags, their car… you’re never far from a pen. Secondly, they have a habit of changing hands over the course of their lifetime, which increases their advertising effectiveness. There is also the fact that there is plenty of marketing real estate on a pen, despite their small size. All in all, they are a great way to get your brand out.

Technology accessories

You can think of USB sticks as a more up-to-date version of a pen. Slowly but sure, these small but essential devices are accumulating in our offices and workplaces, and our homes too. They are small enough to fit onto a keyring, and are becoming increasingly relevant to our day-to-day lives. Mouse mats, wrist-rests, and tablet or smartphone cases are also great ways to get your brand out there.

The power of personalised products

January 26, 2018 by  

Whether you’re ordering products to send to your favourite clients, special Christmas gifts to send to the family or your company is getting ready to exhibit at a show, never underestimate the power of having personalised products. Why?

One key word – ENGAGEMENT.

This covers both business and personal products. After all, engagement is key in keeping a client interested. A client wants to feel like they are your number one contact and personalisation shows that you actually put some thought into your relationship with them. Personalisation equally has the power to turn an average present into something meaningful and cherished forever.

Not convinced? Here are some reasons why personalised products make great presents and corporate incentives.

A Personal Touch – A personalised plaque engraved with their name, a photo on a coaster or an imprinted frame, all are good ways of making a friend or relative feel special. It lets them know that you made this gift just for them, and it’s not just something purchased last minute or in a hurry.

Increase brand recognition – By customising an item that a customer can use in his or her everyday life with your logo, you’re able to keep your business in sight and therefore in mind. No one will have the same – Everyone had been to a party and the birthday boy receives two of the same gift. A personalised gift is a sure-fire way of avoiding anyone having got the same as you.

Mass outreach at a low cost – Budget is often a concern for small businesses and choosing a product which will give you the most “bang for your buck” is important. With a small price tag but large, lasting impact, personalised products are a great way to get value for your investment.

Something to keep – Once the birthday party has ended, or after the recipient has played with the items for a few days, they will likely become another dust collector. Having a personalised gift can make a special present stand out from the rest. As you can see it really is amazing what a little bit of customisation can do to keep a recipient happy.

3 ways your customers can grow your business!

January 22, 2018 by  

Loyalty Cards

By using a loyalty program, you not only improve customer appreciation of your business, but you also increase the chances that existing clients will share this joy with those close to them. The more a customer feels appreciated by a business, the more he or she is likely to support that company and recommend it to others.

A loyalty scheme can be in the form of a simple card which rewards your customers for returning to you and using your services.The perks could be for example, a Hair stylist may offer a discount on a 4th visit or a coffee shop may reward the customer with a free cup of coffee after 5 have been purchased.

The card can also be used as a business card so you customer will always have your details at hand.


Word of mouth for any business remains one the most powerful ways to grow your business. One way to encourage customer referrals is again to reward them, by offering them a discount or freebies as above.

This can also be in the form of a card for them to pass onto their friends and family.

Google/Social Media Reviews

If you haven’t claimed your business on Google I highly recommend you do this and keep it updated, this will make your business rank higher in Google searches. Use this link to find out how to do this https://goo.gl/tkdG61

A social media presence will also help make it easier for your customers to leave reviews.

The best way to get Google/social media reviews is simply to ask you customers, most of your customers will gladly leave reviews if they are happy with the service they receive. You can leave reminders for you customers to leave reviews in your workplace by way of posters or mentioning it on your loyalty cards.

As you can probably work out, once you have these schemes setup all the work is being done by your customers! All you need to do is ensure you are giving your existing and new customers a great service!

If you would like to get your customers working for you contact us now to find out how we can help you achieve this!

T: 01563 550750

E: kilmarnock@minutemanpress.com

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Can you reduce your print costs?

January 16, 2018 by  

We think we can.

Print technology has change dramatically over the past ten years.

Not only has the emphasis switched entirely from mono print to vibrant colour, your company should also be spending less on their annual print budget.

It makes no difference whether you are a sole proprietor or a multi-national business, your print and marketing costs should be regarded as an overhead.

With a PRINT AUDIT from Minuteman Press Kilmarnock we are confident we can reduce that overhead. Our experience has shown there is not a company on the planet that does not have ‘Savings Potential’, our challenge is to identify and quantify these savings.

Reducing costs does not have to mean sacrificing quality or service.

In Kilmarnock we have invested heavily in the latest digital technology, a strategy which allows us to guarantee a high quality product along with the quick turnaround necessary in today’s high pressure business environment.

The process is simple.

We would look at your annual print requirements and assess where the savings can be made. We would then produce a detailed report for perusal and discussion.


You are under no obligation and we will give you 10% off your first order following the audit.

For full details or to arrange a preliminary discussion please contact:

Gary McSkimming

T: 01563 550750

E: kilmarnock@minutemanpress.com

2-4 Old Mill Road, Kilmarnock, KA1 3AN

New Kilmarnock Business Hub

January 8, 2018 by  

An ambitious £4.8 million town centre business hub will open in Kilmarnock at the end of January.

Work at the Ingram Enterprise Centre, at the corner of John Finnie Street and Dunlop Street, is close to completion after two years of work.

Formerly the infamous Blue Triangle site, the building was a source of repeated complaints for years – however, having been completely renovated by East Ayrshire Council it is now hoped the hub can be an innovative centre to encourage enterprise.

A spokeswoman for the council said this week: “It is anticipated that the project will be completed by the end of January.

“In the New Year, there will be a launch of a brochure which will promote the new centre and there will be a visit by the first tenant.”

Built in 1895, the grade B listed Ballochmyle sandstone building is named after its architect Robert Ingram.

Services there will include secure superfast broadband, a staffed reception during normal office hours, 24hour access, video and telephone conferencing facilities, meeting rooms and breakout space to provide maximum flexibility.

The overhaul was made possible thanks to funding from the Scottish Government, the Heritage Lottery Fund and the council’s Town Centre Regeneration Fund.

It is expected the Ingram Enterprise Centre will provide a base for graduates from the Entrepreneurial Spark West Coast Hatchery at Dundonald, new businesses created from the start-up grants administered by Youth Business Scotland, and young entrepreneurs developing from the council’s School Business Enterprise Project.

New businesses will be moving into the business hub will need new business stationery ( letterheads, business cards etc ) showing the new address. Minuteman Press in Kilmarnock can help companies have everything in place for moving in!

Kilmarnock Town Centre Transformation

October 31, 2017 by  

Members of the public are being invited to have their say in the transformation of Kilmarnock’s town centre.

East Ayrshire Council have announced plans that could see the transformation of various parts of the town centre.

And the local authority are asking the public to share their opinions on the ambitious new ideas for the town, this weekend.

A public engagement event will take place this Saturday, October 28, in the Citizens Advice Bureau in the Foregate.

On display will be proposals for the future of four key areas, The Foregate, Sandbed Street, the main shopping area and the John Finnie Street Embankment.

And the Council are keen to get everyone’s input, with a chance to vote on what you see as high, medium or low priority for future actions in the town centre.

The event will run from 2pm to 4.30pm and will be manned by the council’s planning team and TGP landscape architects, who will be further developing any ideas which come to the fore, and who will be on hand to explain and discuss the proposals, illustrated by an exhibition with concept drawings.

BUYMSH Charity Fireworks Night

October 26, 2017 by  

Once again this year, Minuteman Press Ayr is proud to sponsor the local charity BUYMSH with the provision of an animatic to display on the big roadside advertising screen near to Tesco’s on the Whitletts Road in Ayr.  BUYMSH are hosting a charity fireworks night at Ayr Racecourse on Friday 10 November 2017 (postponed from Friday 3 November) to raise funds to build a new 21st century facility for respite provision to support children, young people and their families suffering with cancer or life altering illnesses in the UK.  Click the link below to view more.

BUYMSH Charity Fireworks Night

Dumbarton Primary School and SSPCA at Milton Joined Forces

October 26, 2017 by  

You should never work with children and animals according to W. C. Fields, but in Dumbarton these two forces came together for the overall good!  The Primary 7 class of St Michaels Primary School in Dumbarton and the SSPCA at Milton joined forces to produce both some great education as well as much needed food and money for the animals.

The cat and dog home helped out with the P7 topic where the children were looking at protecting nature and also at promoting life.  As all good campaigners know, producing good leaflets and posters is vital for any campaign to succeed and the P7 class are no exception a they produced booklets for other pupils as well as parents / carers to bring their cause to attention.   They also produced a newsletter for families that launched an appeal for food.  The final piece of work they undertook was that of a coffee and cake  event to raise even more cash.

In the end they raised £300 as well as handed over many bags of food and pet toys for the animals in the local shelter.  SSPCA Supporter, Richard Morgan, said “This is a brilliant effort by the children that not only has made an immediate difference to the animals, but has also educated the children and will leave lasting memories for them.  Thanks to them, the teaching staff and families of St Michaels!”

If you are launching a campaign like the kids did, then it is a great idea to contact a local printer and get advice on leaflets, flyers and booklets that will aide you towards your overall goal.

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