Picture menu created by Ashton-under-Lyne restaurant

January 25, 2018 by  

An Ashton-under-Lyne restaurant is doing its bit to help young visitors who suffer from autism, by designed a special menu that features pictures of its different meals, to make ordering easier for them.

The San Rocco restaurant came up with this menu, which contains both symbols and images instead of the standard writing, to help one young boy in particular. Taylor Sweeney is aged seven and visits the Ashton eatery regularly with his mum and dad, but his autism made choosing what to eat a real challenge for him.

This condition makes him non-verbal and the frustrations he experienced as a result had led the family to abandon restaurants – until the owners of San Rocco came up with the innovative picture menu idea.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, his mum Nicola said that the patience and support from the staff had been invaluable to them, while the menu – which was created with help from a language and speech therapist – had changed everything:

“The menu let’s Taylor have a choice rather than me making it for him. He may not have a voice but by using the menu he definitely has a choice.”

Many restaurants may seek the help of a local printer that can offer services such as laminating and custom drinkware to provide them with essential items needed to run the business.