Unusual shareholder for Altrincham FC

December 29, 2009 by  

Altrincham is a very keen sporting town. Although the local Altrincham Football Club is a non league club it has a loyal following from its supporters. You will find supporters amongst many local businesses, ranging from small printing companies in Altrincham to large distribution companies in Alrincham. The club gained a new shareholder earlier this year, which came as something of a surprise to many fans.

Australia’s Cricket captain Ricky Ponting, who was somewhat controversial in the 2009 test series, now holds 500 shares in Altrincham FC. During the 2009 test series the Australians were driven around by Mr. Geoff Godwin, owner of the bus company who supplied the tour bus. During the tour he became great friends with many of the team, including captain Ponting.

Mr. Godwin also happens to be the chairman of Altrincham FC, who are in the Blue Square Conference. Ricky Ponting had been very generous to the club since becoming friends with Mr. Godwin. He donated a lot of valuable cricketing memorabilia which was sold to raise funds for the club. Mr. Godwin was so pleased with the generosity shown by Ricky Ponting that he granted him the shares on behalf of the club.

No doubt fans from the small Altrincham printing company were equally as impressed as the fans from the large distribution company, all of them being pleased with Mr. Ponting’s efforts. It’s not every Blue Square Conference club that has a top scoring test captain as a shareholder and a friend.