Sustainable stationery on the agenda for GNM

August 4, 2011 by  

Guardian News Media Ltd, the company behind the Guardian and Observer newspapers, has announced its increased commitment to environmental sustainability in a recent report published on their website.

A large part of their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint is centred on their use of paper. Whilst this may seem like an impossible commodity to reduce the usage of as GNM is rooted in producing newspapers, it is easy to see that the group is aiming to reduce paper consumption in other areas of their business, or to use sustainable sources where possible.

Anglo Office Supplies are the company who deal with the office stationery on behalf of GNM. 48% of the products that are bought by the group from Anglo Office Supplies are either from certified sources or are completely recycled. This reflects a nationwide trend into sustainable paper and something that is a major concern when it comes to stationery printing.

Altrincham, Manchester and the surrounding areas all have strong links with GNM, with it being one of the biggest and most influential media groups not just in the region, but also in the country. Their influence is no doubt being spread to other local businesses who will be reviewing the environmental credentials of their stationery printers before long.

Local firms offering stationery printing in Altrincham will no doubt benefit from providing sustainable or environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional printing.