Silicon Valley invests in Altrincham tech business

April 1, 2018 by  

A tech company located within Altrincham has just received $20 million (£14.1m) from two investors.

Matthew Scullion, who used to attend Altrincham Grammar, founded Matillion. Currently, the tech business has more than 50 employees at its headquarters. Matillion has manufactured tools which are useful for the integration of cloud data. Business card printing from Altrincham is useful for growth-focused firms. Scullion told Altrincham Today:

“This round of funding is an exciting opportunity for us to work with the fantastic teams at Sapphire Ventures and Scale Ventures Partners to meet the needs of our customers and partners as well as further accelerate the pace of innovation going into our products.”

Scale Venture Partners and Sapphire Ventures have noticed the potential of an organisation which already has a list of prestigious partners. Matillion has worked with Siemens, GE, Accenture and Citrix. It has also done business with data specialists like Upside Travel, DocuSign and Vistaprint.

Increasing demand for the work of Matillion will mean that the fresh investment will have to be put to positive uses. The idea is that the money will be spent on research, marketing, development and partnership enhancement.

Matillion has been growing swiftly. During the last year, it achieved a growth in revenue which exceeded 250%. Its differentiated products should continue to prove to be popular with companies of divergent sizes.