New multi-sensory displays give a new dimension to advertising

December 7, 2011 by  

Multi-sensory billboards take poster and banner printing to the next level by adding the ability to add scents to certain outdoor ads.

Curb Media is partnering with UK outdoor advertising giants Clear Channel to deliver this new advertising medium. The new technology will first be available via billboards but if initial trials are successful there is no reason why this could not be used to bring communications to life which have been produced using services like poster or banner printing.

Altrincham residents could visit the Trafford Centre to see some previous work done by Curb Media and the multi-sensory billboards are being rolled out across the country in key locations over coming months. Neil Chapman from the outdoor advertising company Clear Channel commented on the new facet to their advertising portfolio by saying:

“The first smell of cut grass tells that summer is on its way and the taste of fish and chips reminds me of my childhood. Sensory engagement is a very powerful call to action and there is now evidence that adding sensory elements to outdoor media significantly increases recall and mood by triggering certain emotion.”

This multi-sensory advertising experience may seem far off in the future for smaller businesses but it could soon become attainable for all businesses. For now, businesses will benefit from fine-tuning their online and printed advertising to ensure it is in tip-top condition to add this extra multi-sensory layer on top of it when the time is right.