New Altrincham business offers potential print work

April 9, 2010 by  

Local print companies are always interested to learn when new businesses move to the area because of the potential for forging new business relationships and winning print contracts. Print companies in Altrincham will be interested to learn that one of the best know names on the high street, Ethel Austin, looks set to move into the area after leaving their native Liverpool behind.

Only last week, Ethel Austin came out of administration and now looks set to make the move from Liverpool to Altrincham. The news comes from workers at the Ethel Austin warehouse in Knowsley, who have apparently been told about the proposed move.

Ethel Austin was formed 76 years ago by a housewife from Anfield. The company only recently came out of administration and it looks set to be rebranded as Life & Style Retail, which will alert print companies in Altrincham even more. Life & Style Retail has been created by former Ethel Austin owner Elaine McPherson.

An Ethel Austin warehouse worker reportedly commented after being summoned to a meeting in Liverpool:

They told us that the warehouse and the head office is shutting at the end of May and moving to Altrincham.

The worker added that 10 of the staff, and an additional 40 agency workers had been offered the opportunity to move with the firm to its new location in Altrincham – which is reportedly near the home of Elaine McPherson.

According to the worker, the new company is set to move into premises owned by The Stirling Group, based in Altrincham.