Local print companies may offer more to local businesses than large international firms

November 14, 2011 by  

A large, international printing company has reported that its results are stronger in Europe than in the UK at the moment, suggesting that customers are shunning international or internet based firms for smaller local printing companies.

Altrincham, Trafford and the rest of Manchester are covered by the large print company but despite a wide offering, their UK results look somewhat dampened when compared to their European counterparts. It has been suggested that local businesses in the UK are perhaps turning to other locally based print companies who are able to provide services like brochure and business card printing.

Altrincham town centre partnership helps local entrepreneurs to find ways to help their businesses flourish and runs initiatives like the enterprising town centre project. This project recognises and rewards entrepreneurial spirit from independent businesses in the area. These kind of services promote the usage of local companies and by keeping print jobs local, businesses may find that their lives are not only made easier by the convenience of using someone based nearby but that they also help to boost the local economy. Geraldine Hurd, who runs a business in the town, spoke about the project, saying:

“As a small independent retailer I feel the Altrincham Town Centre Partnership is vital to our survival and to the regeneration of Altrincham.”

Local print shops in Altrincham may be able to offer the bespoke service and give those personal finishes that internet or internationally based companies simply are unable to provide due to the way they work.