Harvey Nichols supports Versus Cancer

August 1, 2010 by  

Upmarket department store, Harvey Nichols, is using their display space inside their Print company in Manchester printing services Manchester store to get across a very important message to their consumers. Harvey Nichols Manchester has joined up with a charity local to the area, Versus Cancer, along with a BJL creative advertising agency, to raise awareness to customers about testicular cancer and encouraging them to check for signs of the disease. The aim is to get the message across to people that the survival rates are very positive for testicular cancer in particular, with a 99% survival rate if detected early. It is felt that if people are aware of this that they will be more inclined to go to the doctors to report any symptoms.

The display in the Manchester store will see the shop’s mannequins looking down their trousers with the message “cancer isn’t always on display” beside the installation. Harvey Nichols has supported Versus Cancer in different ways over the past few years and using their in store space like this is the latest way for the store to support such a worthwhile cause.

Whilst this is obviously a great way for Harvey Nichols to support such an important charity and the issue of testicular cancer being highlighted is the key thing, this story also shows how retailers can use their in store space in creative and attention grabbing ways. There are companies in the local area that offer Print company in POS printing in Altrincham printing services POS printing in Altrincham to help retailers in the area recognise the importance of using their entire in store space to grab consumer’s attention.