Fire fighters in Greater Manchester use leaflets to protest against cuts

February 4, 2012 by  

Fire fighters across Greater Print company in Manchester printing services Manchester recently distributed leaflets throughout the region protesting against proposed cuts to fire and rescue services.

Managers of Great Manchester fire and rescue services have been tasked with saving £23 million over the next four years. The proposed cuts would see several fire stations losing members of staff and fire-fighters believe that reduced staff and operating times would put the safety of the Greater Manchester public at serious risk.

To rally against the proposed budget slashing tactics, fire fighters worked together to distribute over 15,000 leaflets to homes, businesses and shops to highlight the issues that were raised by the cuts. Reaching 15,000 people on a personal basis in a matter of days is one of the reasons why organisations often use talk about important issues using Print company in flyer printing printing services flyer printing.

Print company in Altrincham printing services Altrincham, Rochdale, Salford and Oldham are all areas that will be affected by the proposed budget changes, meaning that many fire services will be less active overnight or that less fire-fighters will be on duty at any one time, which could lead to increased response times to emergencies.

The secretary of the Fire Brigades Union, Paul Foggerty, spoke about the cuts, saying:

“If [the cuts] are implemented we have no doubt that the safety of the public and fire-fighters will be compromised and lives will be lost.”

The public consultation on the changes has now ended and fire-fighters are awaiting a decision as to whether the cuts will go ahead as planned.