Council defend costs accumulated by leaflet and poster printing

March 17, 2011 by  

Altrincham and Cheshire local authorities have recently defended accusations that too much of their budget had recently been wasted on leaflet, letter and poster printing. Altrincham and its surrounding areas saw residents come together to challenge the council and its decision to spend vital funds on printing. Altrincham was not one of the worst areas for this, as it was felt that local authorities in this area had used printing wisely, combining traditional electronic communication with traditional poster printing. Altrincham residents benefit from having easy access to a number of local printing companies who very often offer their support to local businesses and local organisations when it comes to producing promotional materials. Chester council, however, was named and shamed in a list of councils that was recently published by a national newspaper, exposing the local authority as having spent over £2,000 on printing and a prize draw.

Chester council have defended their decision to promote their prize draw using poster printing. Altrincham and the surrounding area received mailshots advertising a prize draw to win free council tax for a year if residents responded to a budget consultation communication within the mailshot.

The council said that this had increased response rates by a third compared to other similar mailshots. This defence of spending on printing services by the council is a real bonus for printing companies in Altrincham as it shows that local authorities have faith in the medium of print and that it really does generate results when combined with the right marketing strategy.