Building firm in Altrincham appoints female director

September 2, 2018 by  

An Altrincham-based construction company appointed a female director recently.

Altrincham’s McGoff Construction has just made Emma James the Director of Support Services and Business Operations. Business card printing from Altrincham may be used by ambitious individuals in a wide range of economic sectors. Ms James is the first woman to attain director status at McGoff Construction since Ethna McGoff was involved in the founding of the enterprise. Ms James stated:

“McGoff Construction is a truly organic company that is not afraid to change with the times, we have great people, great ethics and a clear vision to expand the business.”

The idea is that the new director will help to embed the philosophy of the organisation. To that end, she will pay close attention to specific processes and functions. The plan is that a strengthened management team can help to foster sustainable growth.

Director Dave McGoff explained how pleased he was to see Ms James at board level. He paid a generous tribute to the individual commitment of Ms James, while praising the quality of the team which has supported her professional development. McGoff asserted that the progress of Ms James has been remarkable to watch over the period of a decade.

Currently employing more than 100 people, McGoff Construction has had a real local impact. It has been engaged in work within Sale and Broadheath during the last couple of years.