Bogus charity uses leaflet to scam public

September 11, 2010 by  

The Print company in Manchester printing services Manchester Evening news has exposed a company that is posing as a charity in order to obtain donations from the public. A bogus charity printed leaflets to try to encourage people in the area to hand over clothing under the pretence that proceeds would go to an official Down’s syndrome charity. Leaflets were delivered across the Manchester region and the clothing collections took place using a van with the words‘Official Charity Collection’ emblazoned down the side. People were encouraged to hand over unwanted or old clothing as the leaflets used the charity registration of another genuine charity that had disbanded several years ago. Furthermore, the leaflets were designed to mimic the colour scheme and logo of a legitimate charity, the Down’s syndrome Association. The Manchester Evening News has uncovered that the people behind the scam run a company that is registered in the Midlands but there is nothing at the address it is registered to and the contact number provided for the company is not in use.

The paper uncovered the scam after filming secretly the collection of bags of clothing in the region. After approaching the men making the collection, the paper uncovered that the men had no idea where the clothes were going and that they did not have official permission to make door to door collections. Scams like this can cost genuine charities millions in lost revenue, and flyer Print company in printing services in Altrincham printing services printing services in Altrincham and the surrounding areas are unaware of the intended use of any posters or flyers printed for such fraudsters.