Altrincham’s spring ball approaches

April 4, 2017 by  

A spring ball will soon be hosted in Altrincham to raise funds for three charities.

The ball is due to take place towards the end of April within a local hotel. Tickets have been made available for the event and poster printing in Altrincham may be used to showcase the good causes concerned. People will be able to support Altrincham in Bloom, ‘purple4polio’ and Altrincham’s Counselling and Family Centre.

Martin Duff, the owner at Randalls Jewellers, told Messenger Newspapers:

“Once I knew about the Altrincham Spring Ball I booked a table for my staff. We are all looking forward to a great night out with great music. Thank you to Altrincham Rotary Club for organising this great event.”

Ken Garrity, a member of the rotary club, has played a role in putting the event together. The club is keen for individuals to show their support for ‘purple4polio’ because this organisation aspires to address polio on an international basis.

The cost of attending the occasion varies depending on the deal. A single person has to pay £35, while eight people can obtain a table for £250. However, it can be feasible for a group to secure a sponsored package.

The ball is likely to be visited by a range of businesses. The entertainment will include drinks and a large meal and soul music is set to be performed by a live band.