Altrincham’s Food and Drink Fortnight approaches

June 1, 2017 by  

A number of bars and restaurants in Altrincham will take part in the town’s upcoming Food and Drink Fortnight.

With the backing of Altrincham Unlimited, the event is scheduled to begin on June 17th and will finish on July 1st. Promotional drinkware from Altrincham may be employed by some of the venues in question.

The owner of Riddles Emporium and Riddles Bar, Emma Rostaing, told Messenger Newspapers:

“Having recently opened Riddles Emporium, our second business in Altrincham, we’re delighted to be hosting two events during the Food and Drink Fortnight – Experimental Gin Tasting on June 23 at Riddles Emporium and an Old Fashioned Cocktail Night to close the fortnight on July 1.”

Another feature of the fortnight will be a ‘Tapas Trail’. This route will take people around the core of Altrincham. Individuals will be given the opportunity to sample a variety of culinary delights from different cultures. In particular, they will be able to eat Spanish, Lebanese, French and Italian food.

It will be possible for novice bakers and chefs to acquire fresh skills at cookery classes. Sugar Junction is prepared to host a Bake Off for young people.

Since 2014, Altrincham has become a hub for those who enjoy dining and drinking thanks to the opening of Market House. This new status for the town has seen several bars and eateries opening branches in Altrincham.