Altrincham firm gets royal invitation

May 1, 2018 by  

Informed Solutions, which is located in Altrincham, is bound for Buckingham Palace.

The tech firm has received a Queen’s Award for Innovation because of its contribution to government projects. Business cards from Altrincham can mention corporate achievements.

Informed Solutions works on issues such as support for victims of criminal activity. If somebody suffers from violent crime then they can benefit from assistance when pursuing a compensation claim. Informed Solutions is honoured to obtain approval of its innovative activity. The chief executive of Informed Solutions, Elizabeth Vega, told The Messenger:

“We’ve worked really hard to create a strong workplace culture that enshrines the values of creating innovative solutions, producing work to the highest possible standard, and being trusted and ethical professionals that only take on innovation projects that we believe we can deliver.”

The company is located at Old Market Place, with its headquarters being situated within The Old Bank. The business has been in operation for a quarter of a century.

Innovative Solutions has been trying to help the government cope in a digital era. In particular, it has focused on analysing patterns of crime. Police forces may benefit from a better awareness of hot spots of criminal behaviour. The organisation has also been working to assist British citizens in foreign countries. These people often require documents to be authenticated and might need their identity to be checked.