Altrincham BID firms cut costs

October 2, 2017 by  

An initiative has enabled Altrincham-based businesses to save £85,000.

The town centre companies have saved the money because of the efforts of Meercat Associates. This organisation focuses on procurement and works with Business Improvement Districts (BID) around the country. It helped enterprises connected with Altrincham Unlimited to pay less for essential services such as telecoms, energy and testing. Firms will have more resources for marketing and demand for printing services in Altrincham may increase.

Urban Burger Bar (UBB) and Land Law have gained from the scheme. UBB’s Adam Wilde told Altrincham Today:

“I was initially sceptical as to whether Meercat could make a difference to our costs, but it was well worth finding 30 minutes to meet them. They have helped us to renegotiate our energy bills and reduce our costs by almost £3,000 – a huge saving for our business.”

Land Law’s Gill Hayhurst is also enthusiastic about the work of Meercat Associates. She revealed her partnership has saved a significant amount of money on utility bills. In addition, Land Law now spends less for its telephone usage than it once did.

High Street Medical (HSM) played a role in getting people to become involved in the deal. HSM’s Mark Hope is eager for even more enterprises to come on board. He pointed out that Meercat Associates do the hard work on behalf of others who do not have to pay more for the privilege.