Would you donate to another print firm in Aberdeen?

April 3, 2010 by  

Are you a flyer printer or brochure printer in Aberdeen? There are many different printing companies in the region, but would your company consider making a donation to another print firm in Aberdeen. Sound a little crazy? It may not seem quite so ridiculous when you consider the following.

In 2008, Aberdeen City Council made some hefty funding cuts and, as a result, a charity for the homeless suffered a shortfall in its support funding. The charity, known as The Cyrenians, opened its own print shop in an effort to plug the funding gap.

The Cyrenians provide services for the homeless of Aberdeen. They offer advice and support for unfortunate people in this position. The Aberdeen print shop is called Iceberg Art Design and Print Studio. It is completely run by 50 homeless volunteers. Print shop manager, Mr. Graham Stephen, referring to the volunteers, said:

“The initiative was a way of getting them back into the practice of work. Quite a lot of Cyrenians who have been affected by homelessness haven’t worked for a long time.”

Iceberg use digital print to produce posters, fliers, brochures, business cards and other similar products and they can also help with graphic and web design. The initiative has been crucial in allowing the charity to continue its support for the homeless of Aberdeen.

So, despite the competitive position of Iceberg there may be a successful, yet altruistic, Aberdeen printing company that would be willing to make a donation to The Cyrenians just because of the work they are doing with unfortunate people.