Scottish National Party prints 1.5 million guides to election campaign

March 20, 2012 by  

The Scottish National Party recently revealed what is being called a ‘grass roots’ approach to their campaign for Scottish Independence by printing over a million guides to their campaign and combining this with the use of social media.

The Scottish National Party recently unveiled a £2 million campaign in a bid to get voters to vote for Scottish Independence in a proposed referendum on the topic. The campaign features many facets of marketing and covers a number of channels, designed to reach and influence as many people as possible.

A conference for the Scottish National Party was held recently and at the conference, attendees were given one of 1.5 million booklets that had been printed to generate awareness and understanding of the campaign. The fact that the party has investing in printing on a large scale shows that print still has a large part to play in major marketing campaigns, whether these are campaigns for political reasons or otherwise. Local brochure printers in Aberdeen and throughout Scotland are often used to create booklets, flyers, posters and other marketing material to support large-scale campaign launches.

The campaign booklets given out at the Scottish National Party conference showcase the various campaign ideas that are planned in the run up to the referendum, which is proposed to happen in 2014. These campaign ideas include using social media to raise awareness of the campaign, as well as more traditional approaches like wearing badges that show support.