Quality at an affordable price

February 16, 2010 by  

If you are seeking a stationery printers in Aberdeen you are likely to be looking for a quality result at an affordable price. When choosing a letterhead paper it can be difficult to find one which fulfils both of the criteria.

The purpose of a quality feel to your letterhead paper is to promote your company’s image and communicate to your customers. Because of the current tough economic climate there has been a tendency to switch to lighter grades of paper. However, this raises the concern that using a lighter grade may be detrimental to your company’s image. According to operational marketing manager, Angela De Vorchik, at Arjowiggins Graphic in Aberdeen, choosing a bulkier paper with a lower grammage isn’t necessarily the answer either. Ms. De Vorchik said:

“The perception that bulky papers offer better quality and, therefore, value can be misleading,” says De Vorchik. “In letterhead applications, the strength of the paper is an important characteristic and this is dependent more on its fibre content than its thickness.”

Accurate colour reproduction can also be a concern. Businesses have moved towards using vivid colours for their corporate identity. Choosing the right substrate is important to achieving continuity of colour. Paper manufacturers are trying to ensure that their substrates fall within ISO tolerances. Firms are also now more aware of ‘green’ issues and want to use environmentally friendly letterhead paper.

There may be a cost saving in choosing a lighter paper but it may reduce the impact of the company’s image.