Posters warn parents of truanting pupils

October 1, 2010 by  

Companies offering digital printing in Altrincham or other areas around Manchester have helped produce impactful posters for Manchester Council to warn parents in the area about the poor school attendance records in the region. The posters message specifically warns parents about taking their children out of school during term to go on holiday and the council also sent letters out to homes giving details about the attendance rates.

Now, it has been revealed that head teachers in the area are going to be given advice and training on the procedure to take parents of persistent truanting pupils to court as part of the Council’s strong crack down on attendance at Manchester’s schools. The staff will be given information on how to build up their evidence against parents of regular truants and will be given ‘prosecution training’ in a clear move to improve attendance levels.

The sessions will be given by the authority’s legal teams showing staff how to gather a case of evidence against parents and how to prepare their documents for the prosecution. Some teachers however have criticised the move as it is felt that pupils will become even more inclined to truant and teachers would lose trust with parents.

The Council have taken the moves as Manchester is believed to have one of the worst attendance records in England. The prosecution of parents is seen as a final measure after a variety of other methods have been attempted to encourage parents to cooperate with the school in getting their child to attend such as fixed fines.