Posters help drive out crime from Aberdeen

July 15, 2010 by  

Printing companies in Aberdeen have the opportunity to put their services to good use as Grampian Police and a number of other bodies are planning to put posters up around the area in local bars and clubs to encourage any victims of hate crimes to come forward and speak out.

Grampian Police has revealed that the summer tends to bring an increase in the number of hate crimes, including racist crimes, and incidents are usually related to alcohol. The Police want to use the poster campaign to encourage people to report any incidents, particularly those where it is felt that the incident has been driven primarily by a prejudice against an identifiable group of people. The Aberdeen City Licensing Board is also supporting the police’s efforts to promote an anti-hate message across the local area.

Hate crimes can be against many groups, and come in many forms such as physical attacks, verbal abuse or threats as well as harassment. Not only are these incidents distressing for the victims involved, but they can have a wider impact on the society and do not create an all inclusive feeling in a community which can lead to hostility and separation.

With such strong links to alcohol, it is felt that displaying the posters in Aberdeen bars and clubs provides a perfect environment and the right mindset to make people aware that hate crimes will not be tolerated and to encourage victims to come forward, safe in the knowledge that they will be taken seriously by the police.