Poster printing in Aberdeen could help to publicise charity work

April 1, 2011 by  

One local man from Aberdeen recently vowed to run 30 laps around the football pitch at the Emirates Stadium in London, home to Arsenal Football Club.

Michael Kane, a 48 year old man from Aberdeen is no ordinary runner. He was told he would never walk again after badly breaking his leg during a charity football match in Paris in 2007. The charity he was playing for then was The Tartan Army, a children’s’ charity which arranges charity events to raise money for orphaned children in Scotland and Michael vowed to recover and continue his work for the charity, which he has done successfully. This is the same charity that Michael Kane will be supporting during his run at the Emirates stadium.

Michael Kane is aiming to raise £10,000 as part of this fundraiser. This is a significant sum and one that he would almost certainly struggle to raise without the proper promotional activity to support his activities.

More and more people throughout the UK are choosing to raise money for good causes by taking part in sponsored event and their fund-raising efforts are supported by word of mouth, newspaper coverage and putting up posters in local areas.

Those taking part in charity events in the area could do things like poster printing to help them promote their charity event and to raise as much awareness as possible, which will in turn help them to raise as much money as they can. Charity events such as Michael Kane’s run could benefit from the boost given to them by opting for poster printing. Aberdeen charities and those throughout the UK are no doubt grateful for all the support they can get.