New focus on art ramps up need for leaflet printing in Aberdeen

December 2, 2010 by  

A painting by Scottish-born artist Jack Vettriano was last week loaned to the city of Aberdeen to exhibit in the Aberdeen Art Gallery. The painting has refuelled the hunger for culture in the city and many local art galleries, libraries and museums are now ramping up their marketing activity to take advantage of this. By using local printing companies for services like leaflet printing, Aberdeen businesses based in the arts and culture sector are beginning to see an increase in the number of visitors to their exhibitions and events thanks to widespread distribution of these leaflets.

The news about the Jack Vettriano painting has been welcomed by councillors and gallery staff alike. Vettriano grew up in Kirkcaldy and his world-famous paintings have been exhibited around the world and this recent exhibition demonstrates how Aberdeen is becoming known as a cultural hub in Scotland. As well as the Vettriano exhibition, Aberdeen Art Gallery is also showcasing Scotland’s only display of the BP-sponsored Portrait Award.

This attracts press from all over the art world and is being promoted throughout Scotland using both new media and more traditional forms of advertising such as poster printing. Aberdeen councillors expect this advertising to create a surge in visitors to up until the 22nd January 2011, which is when the exhibition closes. Printing companies in the Aberdeen area are welcoming this surge in visits as it means that local firms will turn to them for essential printed promotional materials to help generate business from tourists.