New brochure for Aberdeen hotel

May 8, 2010 by  

Effektive, an independent design agency based in Glasgow set up by Greig Anderson a former Curious creative, has been tasked to design a new sales brochure for Simpson’s Hotel, an Aberdeen based establishment.

The brochure has been designed to showcase the Aberdeen based hotel’s facilities, ranging from rooms and suites to bar and corporate facilities. The hotel also has a full serviced apartment development that goes under the name of Kepplestone Manor and this will also be highlighted in the sales brochure. The sales brochure pack, it is hoped, will reflect the hotel’s brand and quality with an elaborate design of silver foil and ink with an overall gloss varnish to portray the hotel’s image. The sales brochure will be an oversized A5 pack that also includes a folder style flap at the back to keep bespoke inserts of any particular promotions or special offers that the hotel might be offering throughout the year and enable the hotel to change their offers without the expense of reprinting their brochure.

When considering a company brochure, it is important to weigh up the impression your brochure gives of a company as well as a cost. Cheapest is not always best and there are clever ways to minimise costs, such as Effektive have created, which you can discuss with your printer. If your company is looking for brochure printers in Aberdeen, then it might be worth sourcing a local printer to try to build up a better relationship and secure a more personal service.