Managing Director of Aberdeen Journals is set to retire

September 20, 2011 by  

The Managing Direct of Aberdeen print and newspaper institution Aberdeen Journals is set to retire in December of this year.

Alan Scott, who has been with Aberdeen Journals for 27 years, has made the decision to retire and recently revealed glowing praise for his colleagues even in the face of tough economic times for industries involved in printing services. Aberdeen Journals is the company behind newspapers such as The Press and Journal and websites including This is North Scotland.

Scott sent an email to his colleagues, saying:

“Speaking of the staff, I have been lucky to have worked with some of the greatest people in newspapers in Aberdeen. I must also say that at the present time given the current climate, I have never known the morale and attitude of all the staff to be better.”

Many staff working in printing and newspaper related roles have faced adverse conditions recently, with many redundancies being announced across the media and the print sectors alike. For example, earlier this year Scottish and Universal newspapers announced that they would be suspending the printing of six of the regional newspapers that they produced. However, by remaining positive in the face of adversity, staff at Aberdeen Journals are weathering the current economic climate extremely well.

Speaking about his retirement, Scott said:

“I believe 27 years in any senior job is long enough – Pat, my wife, says too long in my case!”

Whether Aberdeen Journals will recruit another managing director to replace Scott is yet to be confirmed.