Local Aberdeen art student finds novel ways to use print techniques

July 1, 2011 by  

A student from Brechin is set to graduate from an Print company in Aberdeen printing services Aberdeen university with a degree in fine art, thanks to her innovative use of Print company in printing printing services printing.

Aberdeen-based student Liz Allison studied at Robert Gordon University and she recently finished showing an exhibition of her degree work at Gray’s School of Art. The exhibition was based around the theme of tea and featured a number of innovative techniques that worked to create a link between tea and art.

Liz used a number of approaches in her work, including printing photographs and words onto a number of tea bags. Techniques like Print company in digital printing printing services digital printing have allowed Aberdeen students to push the boundaries of their work further and the success of this exhibition by Liz Allison is testament to the flexibility of expression that is offered by digital and Print company in full colour printing printing services full colour printing.

Aberdeen residents have flocked to the degree show at Gray’s School of Art to see the various elements of the show, including framed doilies, a book compiling the best places to drink tea and a teapot and cup poster extolling the virtues of tea. Print company in Poster printing printing services Poster printing is an Aberdeen staple when it comes to advertising and promotion, but to see it featured in an art exhibition breathes a new life into the medium.

Liz also married up traditional print techniques with the latest technology developments by creating a smart phone app which was designed to recommend tea and tearooms based on the user’s specific needs.

Liz’s show ended at the weekend and she is now in London attending a forum for young designers.