Election poster ban comes into force

October 15, 2011 by  

A ban is set to come into force in East Dunbartonshire following a local vote that ruled in favour of stopping parties campaigning via flyposting.

The motion to ban election campaign posters came from a local Liberal Democrat candidate Ashay Ghai who told the Kirkintilloch Herald:

“These posters create an excess clutter to the detriment of the areas we represent and pose a dangerous distraction to drivers.”

Election campaigners are not the only ones who will be affected by the ban as this covers all kinds of fly posting of posters or flyers on property belonging to local authorities. Estate agents, local concert promoters and event organisers will all need to rethink their communication strategy as they run out of spaces to legally post their information.

This news comes as a blow to those organisations that rely on getting their message out into the public domain using poster printing.

Aberdeen and Edinburgh are amongst the Scottish cities that have already brought in a ban on fly posting of election posters and the Scottish National Party feels that this will have an impact on voting turnout. However, Councillor Rhondda Geekie commented:

“This motion was agreed by most councillors because for a number of years we had been complaining about estate agents and businesses littering our towns and street furniture with fly-posting. We felt it was double standards to think it was acceptable for us to do it every time there is an election, but not acceptable for others.”