Eclectic art exhibition to be held for 28th consecutive year

May 3, 2011 by  

Aberdeen Art Gallery is set to play host to the 28th annual exhibition of work from the Aberdeen Artists Society from 30th April.

The exhibition features work from new and established artists and welcomes submissions from both professionals and amateurs. Rather than focus on a specific medium, this exhibition will feature painting, sculpture, photography, ceramics, installations and much more.

As well as being a showcase of the work produced by the Aberdeen Artists Society, the exhibition also acts as a competition, aimed at highlighting key pieces in the collection on display. This year’s contest will be judged by Alan Gouk, an established artist. Gouk will choose winners to receive their share of a prize fund that totals over £8,000.

This exhibition is sponsored by Shell and whilst the admission to the gallery and exhibition itself is free of charge, its success would be limited without a significant number of visitors. Aberdeen Art Gallery could promote this exhibition of local work by enlisting the help of local companies offering services such as flyer printing for the Aberdeen area.

Flyer printing is an ideal way to convey detailed information to a large number of people and has been successful for a number of similar projects. The Aberdeen Art Society does a great job of making local art accessible to all and so to ensure the society continues to be a success in future, effective promotion of the events held is vital. This year’s exhibition will run until 28th May 2011.