Community opposes football stadium

September 1, 2010 by  

Several print companies in Aberdeen will be busy reprinting posters as a campaign to oppose Aberdeen Football Club’s plan for a new stadium in Loirston continues in the area. Aberdeen Football Club have submitted formal plans to build a new 21,000 seater stadium but Nigg community councillors have attempted to rally support in their area with residents in the surrounding regions of Cover, Kincorth and Nigg being encouraged to make official objections to the plans to Aberdeen City Council.

The community councillors had had leaflets and posters printed to display and distribute in the area in order to raise awareness of the planning application in the community and encourage residents to consider the football club’s plans very carefully and the impact on their area. However, they found that many of the posters were ripped or completely torn down meaning that the community councillors needed to reprint and repost several times. The chairman of the community council, Alan Strachan, expressed the disappointment that the torn posters could signify support for the football club’s plans in the area but he felt that once the realisation hit locals that this new stadium was going to be on their immediate doorstep, then they would express their objections to the city council. The Nigg Community Council has tried to raise support in the community to oppose the football club’s plans on the grounds that green-belt areas will be destroyed and that wildlife in the region of Loirston Loch would be severely affected.