Brochure printers in Aberdeen could help increase participation in arts and learning festival

March 1, 2011 by  

Aberdeen City Council is set to host a five-week long programme of focusing on getting school pupils involved in arts and learning to boost creativity and deepen the learning experience for children. The festival features over 150 events running from now until Easter and is offering 10,000 free places to local children. The Arts Across Learning festival features a wide range of events that schools can get involved with, from discovering history and art to music and poetry, botany and everything in between. The city’s arts education team has worked in conjunction with local brochure printers in Aberdeen to produce promotional materials that clearly explain the events on offer and tell people how they can register for places. By using local brochure printers in Aberdeen, the Arts Across Learning festival organisers will have peace of mind that their job will be completed using both local knowledge and printing expertise.

The Arts Across Learning festival was born from the Aberdeen Storytelling and Theatre festival which started in 1999. This experience of running an arts-based festival, coupled with the expertise of some of the participants such as Opera Scotland and Architecture and Design Scotland should set the festival in good stead to be a huge success. With the correct level of promotion and the right kind of marketing materials being produced by printing companies in Aberdeen, the Arts Across Learning festival will make a valuable contribution to the education of local children.