Aberdeen text study on alcohol

June 1, 2010 by  

NHS Grampian is trialling new way to spread their message about the dangers of binge drinking and sexually transmitted diseases. Over the coming year, as part of a pilot study in Scotland, a text message will be sent by researchers every Friday night to known binge drinkers who are seen to be a hazard to themselves, to encourage them to drink in moderation. It is hoped that the text, sent to binge drinkers in their twenties, before they even set out to the pubs and clubs, will deter them and remind them of the dangers.

Sexually transmitted diseases are strongly linked to binge drinking with a sexual health specialist at Aberdeen’s Woolmanhill Hospital, where the study is being led from, saying that one study had shown that 50% of people who had come to the sexual health clinic were classed as hazardous drinkers. The messages sent via text will be along the lines of ‘take it easy’ and remind the recipient that they should stay in control of their decisions.

The text pilot scheme will also be used with other, more traditional methods of intervention such as printed flyers and leaflets. The study will pilot this more modern way of spreading a message but acknowledges that more traditional methods such as advice leaflets can still play a part in campaigns. Companies looking to generate a response and distribute a message would be wise to embrace new technologies but still consider that traditional methods, such as flyer printing in Aberdeen, can be just as effective. If your company is looking for flyer or leaflet printing in Aberdeen, there are local printing businesses that can help.