Aberdeen sports fixtures have print companies on standby over winter

January 1, 2011 by  

Local printing companies in Aberdeen who normally produce programmes and fixture lists for local sports teams are facing an uncertain few weeks due to the recent adverse weather conditions. Local sports teams such as Aberdeen Football Club will often turn to print companies when looking for a brochure printer in Aberdeen who can produce football programmes that can be sold at games. However, due to the recent weather warnings issued from the Met Office about snow, ice and flooding, several sports teams have had to postpone fixtures until the weather becomes more temperate. This means that print companies in Aberdeen have not been called upon as much as they usually would be.

Fans of local sports teams have also hung back on requesting services like banner printing to support Aberdeen teams. Many football fixtures have been cancelled recently and this has knocked the confidence of clubs and fans alike, which in turn has a knock-on effect on printing companies. Aberdeen looks set to experience unsettled and wintry weather over the coming weeks and until the climate becomes more temperate, no one can be certain of any sporting fixtures going ahead.

The recent snow, ice and thaw has affected sports matches up and down the UK but due to Aberdeen’s location, the weather appears to be more extreme than it has been further south. Local print companies in Aberdeen are known for providing a responsive and efficient service, so as soon as fixtures are given the go-ahead, they are set to return to business as usual. Until then, adverse weather conditions look set to disrupt play and business throughout the region.