Aberdeen rents are the highest in Scotland

December 19, 2011 by  

A recent investigation into the cost of renting a flat in Aberdeen has shown the city’s apartments to be the most expensive in Scotland.

These findings show that average rents are a whopping £946 per month in Aberdeen’s West End, which beats other cities in the country in terms of price, including prestigious areas of Edinburgh. Edinburgh was sat in second place in the list of the most expensive flats to rent in Scotland. The average rental cost of £946 is based on a flat with two bedrooms in the West End of Aberdeen.

The rental housing market at the moment is big business. A senior analyst at property company Citylets, Dan Cookson, spoke about the popularity of renting, saying:

“The rental sector continues to perform strongly and it is clear that more people in Scotland are choosing to rent a property rather than purchase a home of their own. In recent years, there has been a definite shift from the property sales market towards the rental sector, with many people choosing long-term renting over buying a property.”

The buoyant rental market is good news for local estate agents and property rental companies, who will be beginning to see their marketing efforts pay off. Each year, estate agents produce a number of promotional communications to help find tenants for their houses and flats, using leaflet and brochure printers.

Aberdeen is an area with a high concentration of people who rent their homes and so as long as there is demand for rental properties, rent costs are unlikely to fall.