Aberdeen Council gears up for the cold

November 7, 2010 by  

As the weather turns colder, print companies in Aberdeen have produced advice leaflets for Aberdeen City Council as they look to advise the city residents on taking care on the roads during the winter months. The council’s winter advice leaflet will be distributed around community centres and libraries in the area for motorists to get access to information about how to tackle the roads during periods of snow and ice.

The leaflets are part of the City Council’s plans to prepare to tackle the winter weather on the city’s roads. Some early signs of winter weather hit the region recently and the council is prepared to tackle the coming months with a full salt supply in stock. November sees the start of their full maintenance plan with staff in their roads department keeping a close daily eye on the weather forecasts and, if needs be, sending staff out to clear snow or salt the roads and pavements overnight as and when required. The grit boxes will be filled and residents are encouraged to use the grit on public areas as it is for their use as well as council staff who will use them.

The council urged motorists to bear in mind the weather conditions when driving and to take care and be patient should there be snow clearing or salting carried out on their routes. Whilst Aberdeen Council hopes to grit the roads or snowplough during the early hours of the morning when traffic is at its lightest, they want to remind drivers that sometimes grit vehicles or snowploughs may be caught up in peak traffic and motorists are asked to treat them as emergency vehicles.