Aberdeen appeals for recycling volunteers

November 15, 2011 by  

An Aberdeen-based organisation has appealed to local residents to get behind their recycling initiatives to help Aberdeen become a zero waste city.

Working alongside recycling initiative group Zero Waste Scotland and Aberdeen City Council, an organisation called Aberdeen Forward is aiming to recruit volunteers in the city to help local residents to understand more about recycling.

72 people already volunteer as part of the scheme, which is aiming for a greener future and plans to turn Aberdeen into a ‘no waste city’ in the future, meaning that all of the consumables used by local people will be sustainable, reusable or recyclable. Recycling is becoming a key part of many business plans too, with local print shops in Aberdeen being conscious of environmental factors that need to be taken into consideration when producing print jobs such as a flyer printing.

Flyer printing is one way that the recycling initiative group could promote their work and encourages others to get involved. Whilst producing paper to promote a recycling campaign may seem like contradictory behaviour, it could actually be an example of printing using paper from recycled or sustainable sources and instructions on how to recycle the flyer could also feature.

Gillian Marr co-ordinates volunteers at Aberdeen Forward on behalf of Zero Waste Scotland. She commented on the volunteer recruitment drive, saying:

“Ultimately, we aim to boost Aberdeen’s recycling rates. This is important for Scotland as a nation as it ensures we capture valuable materials for reprocessing rather than sending them to landfill. We already have 72 people but the more we have in our volunteer group, the more help we can provide to people in their local community. We need help to spread the word about how easy it is to reduce waste and recycle more.”

People who would like to get involved with the initiative can contact Gillian on 01224 560360.