Aberdeen Airport’s Whisky Festival

June 1, 2011 by  

World Duty Free, the company behind the duty free shops at ten UK airports, is running a whisky promotion with a festival feel this month.

Whisky Fest ’11 is the campaign name for the whisky promotional event that will run in ten UK duty free shops, including those in Edinburgh and Aberdeen airports. A special brochure is being produced to promote the campaign to customers and is aimed at both seasoned whisky aficionados and those who are just curious about the spirit.

Brochures are a proven way of conveying detailed information to customers and whilst staff are on hand to answer questions about the various whiskies on offer, it can often be beneficial to have take-home literature to hand. This, combined with whisky tasting sessions, cocktail-making tips and tie-ins with restaurants in some airports, should help to raise the profile of whisky in duty free shops.

This promotion is running for its second consecutive year, and after a successful trial run in Scottish airports it is being rolled out to terminals across the UK. The last Whisky Fest produced a sales uplift of 15% and World Duty Free hope that a similar, if not better, sales uplift figure from Whisky Fest ’11. By producing promotional literature for the promotional event using brochure and catalogue printing service, Aberdeen Airport – like other airports in the scheme – could see a significant increase in the amounts of whisky sold at duty free shops throughout the UK.