Printed leaflets can target the 2.5 million tourists in Edinburgh

February 13, 2018 by  

Leaflets are used to tell people about your products and services. They are particularly effective to promote your business to the millions of tourists who visit Edinburgh each year.

There are nearly 2.5 million tourists who come to Edinburgh every year. They contribute nearly £800 bn to the Edinburgh economy. With the average tourists spending over £100 a day, there are plenty of opportunities to provide goods and services that attract tourists.

One way to inform both tourists and residents about what your business offers is to hand out leaflets. Yes, this information can be found online, but tourists may not find your website. Leaflets can be handed out or placed in areas where people congregate such as tourist information centres, cafes and bars.

A well-designed leaflet printed on high quality glossy paper gets noticed and can be passed around to others. Leaflets are tangible objects that can be felt as well as read, and this is something that digital media cannot copy.

Print and digital should complement each other. An A5 size leaflet has a limited amount of information, but it can contain a link to your website for more detailed information, or even a QR code. If the leaflet is for an event, then it can contain the web address for online booking.

Whether you are targeting the Edinburgh tourist trade or locals, leaflets printed by your Edinburgh printing service are a cost effective way of promoting your goods and services.


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