Leaflets – not just for the Edinburgh festival

September 12, 2017 by  

Stroll down the Royal Mile during the time of the Edinburgh Festival and you will be bombarded by leaflets urging you to visit fringe shows. Now that the festival is over and some form of normality returns to the city, businesses should learn from the festival and consider how leaflets can promote their business.

Many people arrived at the Edinburgh Festival with no fixed agenda, simply wanting to see some interesting shows. The various leaflets thrusted into their hands provided them with information about what was available. In a similar way, many potential customers may not be aware of your products and services until a leaflet informs them.

You are more likely to distribute leaflets to people’s homes, rather than employ someone to stand in the Royal Mile giving them out, but either way, you need to know that leaflets are effective. Research by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) found that 79% of people either glance at a leaflet, keep it, or pass it on to share with someone else. This contrasts with television advertising (which 62% of people take no notice of) and press advertising (which is ignored by 81% of people).

Leaflets are ideal for promoting special offers and vouchers. The DMA research showed that 48% of people receiving a leaflet visited the advertised shop to either purchase or make an inquiry.

Many Edinburgh printers were swamped with orders for leaflets from fringe performers, but responded to the task, and there’s never a bad time to get your company’s leaflets printed.


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