Branded Stationery in Cambridge

The ancient city of Cambridge has lots of iconic attractions such as The Mathematical Bridge and Kings College Chapel. It has a world famous seat of learning and is renowned for its river punting and numerous museums, including The Centre for Computing History. The many businesses based in the city often require branded stationery in Cambridge and at Minuteman Press, we work with local enterprises to supply the exact items they require.

Designing branded stationery in Cambridge requires some consideration. Sizing of information and placement is important, as is the use of white space to balance the visual impact. Printing can also be done in colour or black and white; although more sedate colours look professional a colourful palette can make an instant visual impact. Brand identity can also be conveyed by the strategic placement of company logos.

Once the basic details have been addressed, additional flourishes can be added such as embossed paper and foil blocking. Letterpress techniques can also be used to create a more luxurious finish on heavier paper sizes. Although initially more expensive, the addition of luxury finishes helps provide a professional image and one of quality.

Branded stationery in Cambridge can be provided by us here at Minuteman Press. Give us a call today and we will also be pleased to provide you with a free, no obligation quotation.