Hedge End writer releases satire

January 31, 2019 by  

An author from Southampton has published a satirical book about human nature.

Mark Long, who has a connection with Southampton’s Hedge End region, composed the satirical piece about the threat posed by an asteroid. Long has been influenced by the genres of science fiction and fantasy. Readers can appreciate ‘In the Image of Man’ in both eBook and paperback. Poster printing can brighten up book launches and other local events.

An exercise in free writing gave him the inspiration to take on the challenge of being funny about maintaining life on earth. He told the Daily Echo:

“That is where you just write down anything that comes into your head, and I found that I had written ‘Bob was a god’ and I realised that I just had to go somewhere with that.”

The story involving Bob forms Long’s second novel. His first effort addressed a zombie apocalypse and was entitled Z-Day UK. Illustrations by Shane Feazell added to the text. Long has made a lot of progress with his third novel and his first draft is now complete.

Misjump is a narrative set some time in the future. After a spaceship makes a jump through space, the crew end up in a different universe. In this strange universe, humans suffer from mind control. Parasites take advantage of the people and the crew are obliged to become heroes.