Entrepreneur from King’s Lynn to give breakfast talk

January 9, 2019 by  

An entrepreneur based in King’s Lynn will be the guest speaker at a business breakfast.

Richard Finney is the proprietor of Captain Fawcett’s Emporium (CFE), which is located on Friesian Way in King’s Lynn. Finney will describe his corporate journey to those who attend the West Norfolk Business Breakfast on February 1. The event will be hosted in Knights Hill Hotel. Business cards are useful tools to easily pass contact details at business networking events.

CFE is a specialist provider of grooming accessories for men. Less than a decade ago, the start-up was launched by Finney. In those days, he manufactured moustache wax in a domestic environment. Since this humble beginning, CFE has evolved to the extent that its products have reached an international market.

The enterprise acquired an unusual name which is in keeping with the items that it makes. Captain Fawcett was an explorer during the Edwardian period. A trunk of his was discovered during the course of 1997 and this revealed an interesting collection of ointments and oils.

Captain Fawcett’s dressing case also contained various journals. The fortunate find inspired Finney to do something innovative. He has worked as a sound technician in the entertainment industry in the past. This career included efforts connected with high-profile movies such as Billy Elliot, Memphis Belle and Chaplin.